pre-sales FAQ

Got doubts? Spare yourself some agony by checking out our pre-sales FAQ!

I want to set up a website. What do I need?

A website can be separated into 3 components:

Domain name You can register a new domain from VUOX, use an existing domain registered elsewhere, or do a domain transfer for your existing domain to VUOX.

Web server VUOX owns web servers which are used for our web hosting business. Subscribing to our web hosting services means we dedicate part of our server resources for running your website. If you have a web server, you don't need us!

Web (page) design You will need to hire (most probably. since you are reading this) a web developer and designer to create your website so that you can host it on our servers. Actually, you can also use our softwares (comes with every web hosting plan) to create your DIY websites.

How much will it be?

VUOX hosting has only 2 costs components:

Web hosting subscription Our web hosting prices are listed under the hosting link, depending on which plan you choose, the respective prices apply. Web hosting fees can be charged monthly or 12-monthly by your choice.

Domain cost Domain prices are listed under the domain section. Domain fees are charged 12-monthly for 12-month ownership.

No setup costs, No other hidden costs.

One of the common marketing gimmicks by some companies is to advertise a ridiculously low web hosting price tag to entice you, but they will markup their domain costs to make up for the lost. So it is important that you total up these costs.

Follow our domain and hosting links to find out our pricing schemes.

Of course, these prices exclude the web (page) design; we are talking about hosting here.

What about emails? Can I have my own email account?

Sure! All our hosting plans come with unmetered email accounts, which means we do not limit you on how many accounts you create. Very soon, your whole family can have emails account:

Do you do web design and development?

We partner with web design and development companies in providing their clientele with web hosting facilites. In return, they offer their expertise for our web hosting clients. If you wish, you can send us your design requirements via our helpdesk and we will link you up with our designers.

Do you have those DIY website creation package?

Yes. We bundle a software package call the Fantastico, which is itself a bundle of many popular website creation software and tools such as forums, helpdesks, blogs, CMS etc.

Do you offer

Yes we do! We offer registration for all Singapore .sg domains.

Is this domain available?

Domain registration is free-for-all and on first-come-first-serve basis. One way to check if it is available is to enter it into the address bar and see if it brings you to someone else‘s website. You can also check it from our domain section.

Will my website show up in search engines?

Yes and No. This, by the way, is not a question for a web hosting company. This is related to Internet Marketing (not web hosting) and it is the marketeer‘s job to answer this. If you do not put in effort for marketing, your site probably won‘t show up.

However, from our past experiences, search engines do list some of our clients‘s websites even without them putting in marketing efforts. Reasons for this is not known.

Then how can my customers find my website?

It is a common pitfall to think that a website is a marketing tool for your existing office at Raffles Place or storefront at Orchard Road. Most people ask this because they misunderstood the purpose and concept of a website. You should think of a website as your online, global office/storefront and market it the traditional way with poster ads, TV ads, vehical ads etc. Only with marketing, will potential customers be able to find your website easily.

If you are thinking of marketing your current business using online channels, you should look at Internet Marketing instead.

So do you provide internet maketing services?

Actually we do offer internet marketing services at a separate fee, however, we only provide this service to our existing web hosting clients only. This is because we require greater control over your website in order to ensure higher chances of success. We are also giving our hosting clients the priority because we want to concentrate on helping our own people succeed, and not sell just take their money and leave them alone for the rest of the year until the next billing invoice (sounds like your encounter?). That‘s why we are giving them priority. If you are interested in this service, you can contact us through the helpdesk

Can I have a shopping cart and online payent system?

If you are looking at low-to-no cost solutions, our web hosting packages include some popular shopping cart (and payment) system which you can install and use on-the-fly for your website. But if you are actually ambitious like most people, you will need to hire a professional to deal with the massive amount of programming, design and system flow integration. You can send your request for a qoute through our helpdesk.

Can you help me install that shopping cart / software?

Ya, why not? We will install it with the default settings, but we will not be able to help you to customize it. You will have to learn how to use it on your own (or get somebody to do it) eventually. You can find the documentation from the various websites provided by the respective software company in your web hosting control panel.

How do I pay?

If you have a credit/debit card, simply transact online using our PayPal payment gateway. Otherwise, wire transfers are also welcomed. For more information please visit our billing knowledge base

Any custom plans for me?

Most of the time, custom plans are possible. If you need a one, just leave us a message at the helpdesk specifying your needs and we will try our best to meet them.

Can email user have periods / fullstop / dot?

Interestingly, many customers have asked this (in various forms of the question), and the answer is yes. For example, you can have (see the dot between peter and pan).

How do I make an order?

Simply use our online order form and follow through the process. For information on how to fill in the order form, visit our sign-up knowledge base