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Major power outage

Dear Affected clients, co-workers, partners:

At approximately 8pm SGT, 23 May 24, 2008, a segment of our data center experienced a major power outage. We immediately went into generator power and diverted all our resources to restore the systems. Just as we thought everything was back to normal, another power outage occurred approximately 10.30am SGT, 24 May 24, 2008. As of now 4.30pm SGT, 24 May 24, 2008, all affected servers should be operating normally.

What happens when there is power loss is that we immediately go into UPS for a few minutes meanwhile the generator powers up. The UPS ensures no service disruption meanwhile the generator turns on. Power loss and going into UPS followed by generator power has happened a few times in the past. But we have never experienced what has happened this time - the power surge during this outage was extremely high. As many of you might know, this has not happen in the past and we are currently analyzing the situation and putting preventive measures in place.

Please accept out deepest apologies for the inconveniences as we know this has affected a lot of you and your clients. We will be compensating per our SLA and will ensure we find out in detail what happened and resolve it completely.

VUOX Support

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