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Ways to upload your website

File Manager can be found in your web hosting control panel. You can upload files using the interface provided by the system. It should be intuitive to you on how to use it. Just note that clicking on folder names gives you options to work with the folder you clicked; while clicking on the folder icon will bring you into the folder.

Use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program if you want to control and functionalities. We recommend WSFTP, SmartFTP, CuteFTP. You can google for them and they should come mostly free of charge or for a small contribution. You can consult the documentation that came with these programs to see how to upload your website.

Finally, your web browser can actually double up as an FTP browser as well! Just type in ftp://username@domain.com and it will ask you for a username and password to access the web server. Different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari will work differently. Simply follow the instruction on screen to get going!

IMPORTANT: No matter what you do... do remember to put your files ONLY in the public_html folder! That is where your website will load from. Of course you can add folders in public_html, and you can have files within these new folders. But nothing you want to show should be outside of public_html.

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