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Support Centre

VUOX's business

VUOX performing line of server infrastructure is designed specifically as a Managed Hosting environment. By Managed, we mean the full support and control we have over the server systems and operations.

Configured in-line with industry standard requirements, our hosting capabilities are able to handle rapid fluctuations of load and resource demand, and also to answer security related issues.

Our servers are watched by dedicated team of server technicians on 24/7 to work on any undesirable circumstances, if any - ever.

Customer Oriented

Here at VUOX, we learn to build friendly ties with our clients so that we are not just a provider, but also a friend that you may consult for professional advice on your web hosting needs.

By realizing the fact that our success is dependant on your success, we will always strive to provide the best solution we can. You can trust us to be honest, promise.

the Operations

The internet is a borderless global community where web hosting companies take centre stage as managers of the Internet. Here we choose to place our servers at 111N. Orange Avenue Penthouise Suite 2000, Orlando FL 32801, central to the business world, where advantages are attached.

Lower price tags the fact that internet connectivity is online no matter where your website is hosted, provides the opportunity to escape the clutches of monopolising data centres. This will in turn reduce our maintenance and operation costs where savings are passed to our customers.

Experienced Support professional support is a must as managers of the web, and experienced support is a bonus. Our data centre have long years of experience surviving through numerous rigorous tests and attacks until today, thus establishing itself as a fortress agianst dire situations.

Our main operations remain in Singapore, where we oversee the on-going processes everyday to address any issues at first encounter. We are also here to answer email queries to the best of your interests whenever you need them.

Our business backbone also lie in the same infrastruture as you, therefore you can be sure that we will always strive keep our (you and us) sites in top condition.

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